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Graduate case studies

Graduate case studies

Please take a few minutes to input your case study, giving as much information as possible. This will provide our students with a realistic insight into how your career has developed since leaving university.

PLEASE NOTE: While it is possible to create case studies on mobile devices, it is not ideal - if possible, please try to enter your details on a desktop PC.

Input a new case studyStart entering your case study details. You can enter an online case study or send us a video or podcast.
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Edit your case studyAdd more information if you have saved your case study but not yet submitted it for publishing
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Terms and conditions

The Careers Service provides a full information, guidance and support service for all our students, researchers and those who graduated within the last three years from the University of Sheffield. We are building up a database of case studies from graduates to provide an accurate and realistic view into the world of work. These are a great help to our students planning their own careers as reading about the experience of graduates, especially those who studied the same degree subject, is both insightful and reassuring.

If you are willing to complete a new case study for us, please use the link above. You can complete your study via an online form or send us a short podcast or video. Only your first name will be displayed in the case study, we will never display your last name or email address. You can also state if you do not want the name of your organisation to be displayed.

If you wish, as part of the case study, you can indicate if you are willing to volunteer for University activities or answer questions asked by students about your career. This can be set so that you can indicate how many questions you are willing to answer per month. The student will not see your email address until you respond.

The University of Sheffield Careers Service may share your data with internal departments within the University, but will not share data you have provided to third parties.

At any point, you can ask for your case study to be removed from our database, please send an email to: careers@sheffield.ac.uk

Further information can be found under our Development, Alumni Relations and Events Privacy Policy

Please note: in the interest of consistency, we may need to edit your data before it is published so that it conforms to our template - however, we will try to keep this to a minimum.