Mentor Application Form

Please complete all sections of the following form with as much detail as possible. The information from this form will be used to create a profile which students will view to help them select a mentor whose experience most closely matches their requirements. Your contact details will not be given to any students until a match has been made, at which point the email you have provided will be shared.

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I wish to be considered as a volunteer for the Careers Service, a career-focused networking scheme offered to students from the University of Sheffield. I understand that my details will be kept within a 'pool' of mentors and participation on the scheme is dependant upon a suitable mentee being available.
If selected to participate in Careers Service Mentoring I will participate in accordance with the following Terms and Conditions:
(1) Should I meet students in my place of work I am responsible for making sure that the workplace is safe for the visit and that students are made aware of any risks or dangers on the premises
(2) I accept that the University of Sheffield and its staff accept no responsibility for any loss or damage to my personal property in connection with my participation in Careers Service Mentoring caused even if as a result of negligence by University of Sheffield, its staff or students.
(3) I agree to report to the Scheme Co-ordinator promptly any adverse incidents occurring during a meeting or visit arranged under the Scheme, including any incidents that might result in a legal claim for damages. The Scheme Co-ordinator can be contacted at:
(4) I understand that my data is stored securely and in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and will remain until I request it to be removed or I am no longer participating as a mentor. More information is available at
(5) I agree to maintain regular contact with my mentee, ie once a week, and to let the mentoring co-ordinator know if this is not possible.
(6) I agree to complete the mentoring evaluation form at the end of the scheme.
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