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Training and development

Training and development work involves the organisation and provision of training to individuals to develop their work-related skills and knowledge. Ongoing professional development of staff is essential in most organisations of any size, as innovative work practices, technological change, customer requirements and business competition drive the need for people with increasing skill levels. Those responsible for delivering training to members of staff within an organisation will therefore work with inexperienced and more experienced employees.

Training and development covers the full range of occupational skills. Vocational training of this kind may be delivered within a variety of settings and formats with the general aim of increasing people’s capacity to undertake particular types of work. While vocational training can be delivered to students studying educational courses, eg in further education colleges, a Training and Development Officer is likely to work in an employer's premises, focusing on the development of members of staff of that organisation.

Alternatively Trainers may work for a training agency (also known as a Training provider), contracted by employers and other agencies to run training courses, or to train people who are seeking to develop skills which will enable them to gain employment. With experience, trainers can become self-employed.

Types of graduate roles

As a Training and development officer within an organisation, your work would form part of Human Resources and involve co-ordinating the training and development of staff within an organisation to ensure they are able to undertake their work effectively and to develop their professional skills. Officers may deliver aspects of the training themselves, designing and running training sessions, and/or arrange for training to be provided by a third party. In some organisations the role might also involve carrying out other human resources/personnel functions.

Working as a Trainer for an independent training provider would mean advising on and delivering training in a particular set of skills, or general personal development, to groups of people.

Entry points

This area of work is open to graduates of any discipline, but those with a degree in Psychology, Human Resource Management, IT or a business related area may be eligible for exemptions from some professional qualifications with the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development.

Skills and experience required

To be well equipped for this role it is important that you possess well-developed interpersonal skills and can communicate effectively with a variety of people in order to motivate them and encourage them to embrace change and new ways of working. You will also need to be well organised in order to plan and deliver training programmes, meet deadlines, and manage individuals’ training schedules. Those who are directly delivering specialist skills training would need to be competent in that skill set, usually gained via relevant employment and qualifications.

Job search strategies

Training and Development officers work in both public sector and private organisations across industry, and in specialist training companies which provide staff training to businesses. Vacancies may be found on organisations’ own websites, as well as on specialist websites related to the industry concerned, and websites related to the Human Resources and Personnel Management profession. See ‘Useful websites’ for links.

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