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Interviews and assessment centres

Here we have a number of resources to support you in preparing for interview and assessment centres. If you haven't already done so, you should also make use of our website, Interviews and Assessment centres which provide tips to success.

Useful websites for further information
A guide to video interview advice
Where to look for advice about video interviews, including video interview practice from the Careers Service and external sites.
A short Youtube vid on video interviews
Produced by Sheffield City Region's graduate internship agency RISE.
Assessment Day
Offers a range of practice tests that employers use and sample assessment centre exercises.
Case study exercise
You may be tested on your ability to analyse information quickly, think logically and express yourself clearly and accurately on paper. Requires username.
Graduates First
Provides Sheffield University students and graduates with practice verbal, numerical and logical ability tests, plus a workplace personality questionnaire and practice situational judgement test. There are also four assessment centre exercises, a video interview and more. Recent graduates from the University of Sheffield (within 3 years) can register on the website. Simply register with your old University email address and then email us at to ask us to activate your account.
Group work exercise
You will need to demonstrate your teamworking and communication skills. Requires username.
How to Succeed at: Interviews
Our short Careers Service MOOC will provide the tools you need to succeed at interviews and assessment centres and land your dream job or course place.
Icebreaker exercise
Icebreakers are a way of warming up and introducing candidates to each other. Requires username.
Interview - Enterprise rent-a-car
Graduate interviews at Enterprise rent-a-car. Requires username.
Interview - KPMG
Graduates applying for the graduate scheme at KPMG. Requires username.
Interview - Winning Moves
Applicants for the graduate scheme - Requires username.
Interview tests and exercises (Prospects)
Tips on interviews and sample psychometric tests.
Our short video will provide tips to support your preparations for interview.
Interviews at assessment centres
The assessment day is likely to include an interview. Requires username.
Intray exercises
In this exercise you will need to demonstrate your ability to prioritise tasks. Requires username.
Introduction to assessment centres
Provides an overview of the assessment centre day - requires username.
Meals - assessment centres
Provides tips for coping with the meal at assessment centres - requires username.
Practice in-tray exercise  
Freely available on the Assessment Day website. Please note that this is a particularly difficult example of an in-tray exercise.
Demonstrate your ability to understand and communicate information well. Requires username.
Role play exercise
Demonstrate your communication skills in tackling a problem. Requires username.