International resources


Russia has extensive mineral and energy resources making it one of the leading producers of oil and natural gas globally.

The resources below provide information on further study and work experience.

Further resources
Jobs in Russia
Looks at the employment market and popular jobs for international employees. Also includes a list of jobs boards and recruitment agencies.
Studying Abroad: Russia (Targetpostgrad)
Gives an overview of the higher education system, courses, application procedures, fees and scholarships, exchange programmes, issues regarding recognition of qualifications in the UK, and visa requirements.
Working Abroad: Russia (Targetjobs)
Gives information on: the job market, applying for jobs, vacancy sources, getting work experience, visa information, and living in the country.
Working in Europe (Russia)
Student-voted employer league tables and current economic data. Lists of companies represent the views of surveyed undergraduates from this country when they were asked who they most wanted to work for. Also gives indicators of general economic outlook and average salary information by sector.