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Malaysia's economy has transformed and diversified from being mainly a producer of raw materials. Major industries include: rubber, timber, palm oil, manufacture of computer disk drives, oil and gas, light manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, medical technology, electrical appliances, electronics and semi-conductors, construction, finance and automotive. It has a growing tourist industry.

The resources below provide information on further study and work experience.

Further resources
Study Abroad: Malaysia (Prospects)
Gives brief information on the higher education system, entry requirements, fees and funding, exchanges, and visas.
Studying Abroad: Malaysia (Targetpostgrad)
Gives an overview of the higher education system, courses, application procedures, fees and scholarships, exchange programmes, issues regarding recognition of qualifications in the UK, and visa requirements.
Working Abroad: Malaysia (Prospects)
Gives brief information on: job market, vacancy sources, work experience, volunteering, and visas and immigration.
Working Abroad: Malaysia (Targetjobs)
Gives information on: the job market, applying for jobs, vacancy sources, getting work experience, visa information, and living in the country.